Communication: Four secrets anyone must have to have massive impact in the first 5 minutes






Today is the third of four posts in which I will share tips on how to have massive impact in the first five minutes of walking into a room.


Do you just talk for the sake of talking?

Do you talk because you think it is expected of you in certain situations?

Do you sometimes allow others to do the talking so you can just listen?

Do you really listen to others when they speak or are you preparing your response in your head while they are talking?


Adopt a Value-Delivering Mind-set (and let others praise you for it):

If you just talk hot air and never really have any meat to your conversation, you will lose your audience very quickly. This is why you should never take your position (as speaker) for granted, and treat every new opportunity as though it were the first and only time people are going to hear what you have to say. This applies not only to situations where you are the speaker at an event but even applies to one-on-one conversations you have with individuals. This means


  1. Not being complacent, and
  2. Being prepared to sell your ideas as though no one has ever heard them before


Always focus on over-delivering, make everyone feel like by listening to you they have been hit with so much value, whether it is through entertainment, intriguing ideas or a fresh perspective on an old problem, that they cannot believe you are giving it away free.


That makes people want to hear every single thing you have to say – when they feel like they are always going to get gold no matter how many times they hear you speak.


People who have impact know they can never depend on how good their previous talk/presentation/conversation was. They have to be as ready and excited to deliver and re-deliver every time as if it were their first opportunity.


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