Are you spending more time in your business, rather than running your business?

Are your days spent doing mundane tasks that detract from the important jobs that can help take you to the next level?

If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to take action. Talking to me has the following benefits:

  • You will save money as you don’t have to provide office space, furnishings or equipment. I work from my own home office environment.
  • You don’t have to worry about co-ordinating work schedules.Simply send me the work via e-mail or phone me to collect at a time convenient to both of us, and the job will be done by the due date you provide.
  • You only pay for the actual time I spend on your work (project).No money is spent everytime I visit the bathroom or my coffee breaks.
  • There is no need to pay for fringe benefitslike pension fund, medical aid, holiday/leave pay or any wage deductions. I take care of all my own overhead costs.
  • In-house staff will require training from time to time.I am already proficient with the latest tools and technology to do the job (with more than 30 years working experience to boot).
  • As an independent business owner myself, I have the ability to see the bigger picture.Unlike an employee, I know and understand the challenges of running a business.
  • I invest in my own business and have the software available to complete projects.You can save money by not having to use your funds to purchase software for every new project.
  • Commuting is never a problem.Your work will get completed even during the worst weather or traffic congestion. No “down time” due to traffic accidents, construction or vehicle emergencies.
  • As our relationship will be protected by a Confidentiality Agreement,you can be confident in my integrity and don’t need to worry about confidential information being leaked at the water cooler.
  • When working out the true cost of hiring an employee vs ME, you not only benefit by having a more qualified, more experienced professional on hand, but once the math is done, the cost of hiring ME will often come in at the same price or lower.

The time to act is now! Why wait? Contact me now!

Call me on: 082-330-0553

E-mail: info@prioritybizservices.co.za