Services offered (but not limited to):


Co-ordination and management of meetings and events (office workshops, product launches, in-house staff training etc). Let me organise the logistics and take care of all the paperwork for you.

I can manage your venue liaison, supplier management and ensure your commitment to administrative deadlines are met.


Staff newsletters, flyers, posters, creating and managing your blog (content remains your responsibility).


Finding specific data and facts relevant to your particular business, industry or market. I’m focussed, analytical, have an eye for detail and can quickly extract the information you need. I could include writing the final copy for your website or Blog as well.

Event Planning:

  • Selecting a central theme
  • Research and Goal Setting. Depending on the type of event being planned, some research may be needed before getting started
  • Event budget: Designing the event om accordance with financial and time constraints
  • Venue: Research and book appropriate venues
  • Creating a menu
  • Branding the event – includes sourcing the relevant branding material, obtaining quotes and managing the process to delivery of final product by Service Provider/Vendor
  • Identify Speakers and align content with the theme. Plan, schedule and organize time slots and speakers at event
  • Managing invitations and communications
  • Meet with clients and coordinate with them regularly
  • Negotiating contracts: Look for and compare different vendors (catering, decorators, musicians etc.)
  • Offer solutions to resolve problems in a timely manner
  • Analyze and evaluate event’s results
  • Evaluate the event and write close out Report

What is the difference between event planner and event coordinator?

the planner makes critical decisions regarding what, when, who, and how.

An event coordinator, on the other hand, is responsible for making sure all the details are executed and that each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately on the day of the event.

Minutes of Meetings: Transcription from audio tape provided e.g. Disciplinary Hearings, Board meetings, Staff meetings. Minute taking and transcription work hand in hand and have their own rates (rates provided on request). A pre-meeting discussion will ascertain the detail and type of Minutes required. Time for attendance of meetings can be arranged on special request but will incur additional costs for my travel time to and from the venue and travel cost per km travelled.

Typing: General correspondence – letters to clients, responding to job applicants, consumer complaints, responding to product enquiries (to name a few examples)

Website Planning (Content): Information provided by yourself will be typed as required by your Web Developer to create your website for you.

Strategic Planning/Governance: Preparing a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Funding Strategy, Social Media Strategy

Proof reading and editing of documents

Report writing: Create spreadsheets and Reports

Services to NPOs:

Are you a newly established NPO and still in need of assistance with compiling documents, plans and strategies?

I can help with the following:

  • Strategy and Planning (Assistance with Funding Proposal writing)
  • Advice on Finance and Governance systems and procedures
  • Advice on SARS and NPO Compliance matters
  • Advice on Funding Strategies and how and where to find Donors/Funders

I can offer the following services on an Independent Contractor basis:

  • Training/workshops in Office Administration
  • Disability Awareness workshops
  • Planning and Implementation of Community-based programmes

If you have any project you are tasked with, or need to run in your area, don’t hesitate to contact me – I am available to assist.

Pricing Structure and Terms and Conditions:

Once-off Tasks:

1 hour = R200.00 (minimum cost – not negotiable)

3 hours = R500.00 (R166.00 per hour)

8 hours = R1060.00 (R132.50 per hour)

On Retainer: Minimum of 3 hours per month for a minimum period of 3 months:

1 hour R180.00

3 hours R400.00 (R133.33 per hour)

8 hours R1000.00 (R125.00 per hour)

12 hours R1340.00 (R111.66 per hour)

As soon as work is agreed to, a Contract will be signed to formalise the relationship by outlining the Scope of Work, deadlines, fee and payment plan. This Contract is for the protection of the interests of both parties concerned.

A 50% deposit will always be required prior to the commencement of any work. A Proof of Payment (PoP) must be provided and fees cleared in my banking account before any work will commence.

Minute Taking, Transcription and Typing have their own rates as indicated below.

A pre-meeting discussion will ascertain the detail and type of Minutes required.

General Minutes: The rate of R11.50 per audio minute applies to general Minutes.

Verbatim Minutes: R14.50 per audio minute (consider that an hour-long meeting takes at least another two hours to transcribe and type up, therefore the amount charged divided by 3 is more indicative of what you are actually paying per minute of work).

Actual attendance of meetings to take Minutes will incur additional costs for my time and per km travelled to and from the venue. In the event that there is a delay at the start of the meeting, the agreed upon rate will be applied to any further waiting time after a 15-minutes of waiting time. If the meeting is cancelled once I am already en route, a fee will be charged for my time and km travelled up to the point of cancellation.

During the pre-meeting discussion it will be ascertained what the likely duration of the meeting will be. A deposit of 50% will be calculated in accordance with the agreed upon rate. Such deposit is to be paid in advance of the meeting. The final duration of the meeting will be noted at the end of the meeting for billing purposes, and the deposit will be deducted.

A draft copy of the Minutes will be available in 5 working days from date of meeting. On payment of the remaining funds due in respect of the job, it will be electronically forwarded to the Convener or Chairperson for approval or changes. The final copy will be forwarded to the Chairperson two working days after the changes are received. Minutes can be expedited at an additional rate (on request).

Dissemination of Minutes to Attendees/Stakeholders, etc. can be undertaken at the rates outlined in the pricing structure.


Transcription of digital audio and video files will be undertaken at a rate of R10.00 per audio minute, for 1 Speaker and clear audio quality. The price will increase depending on the complexity and quality of the recording.

Rush jobs can be undertaken at R12.00 per audio minute (consider than industry norms accept that it takes about 3.5 times the audio time to effect transcription, so divide the rate you are being charged by 4.5 to get an idea of what you are actually paying per unit of work).

Turnaround time for 1 hour of audio is 60 hours (7 working days). A rush job will be done in 36 hours (5 working days).

A 50% deposit will always be required prior to the commencement of any work. A Proof of Payment (PoP) must be provided and fees cleared in my banking account before any work will commence.


Typing of documents of a general nature will be undertaken at a rate of R0.50 per word (Roughly R14.00 per page). If the document is of a technical nature and contains a lot of legal, medical or technical jargon, the rate will be R0.80 per word.

A 50% deposit will always be required prior to the commencement of any work. A Proof of Payment (PoP) must be provided and fees cleared in my banking account before any work will commence.

Ten Things I won’t do Free of charge:

  • Write a business plan
  • Create or write content for a newsletter or blog
  • Create a marketing plan, a website or marketing materials
  • Create, proof-read or edit documents
  • Conduct market research for your product or service
  • Evaluate vendors or perform a vendor search
  • Design products or consult on your design
  • Create spreadsheets or reports
  • Share my contacts with a prospective (not existing) client or employer
  • Give up my best ideas

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