Your Superhero


(Marcel) You have constantly/consistently demonstrated:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Act independently appropriately on projects you have been assigned


  • Your resilience – nothing has failed until every possibility has been explored, identified or exhausted
  • Work ethic – demonstrating a respectful engagement with colleagues, maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Demonstrating attitudes, behaviours that show value based leadership and ethical practice




(Simone): Natalie is a dedicated and committed worker. She is able to tackle tasks based on her experience and if it is completely or challenging task, she will research the issue, develop strategies to implement the work and get the job done with a professional approach.

(Simone): Natalie is tenacious and refuses to give up when a job needs to get done and will put in the extra time and energy to get it done to the highest standards.

No challenge is too big and no detail to small to get attention.




Dear Natalie,

Thinking about the qualities that I listed in your questionnaire (Tenacity, unsinkable, care about equality for women, never giving up, tenacious, unsinkable, has initiative) it struck me that you would make an extremely good detective doing the research and searching to find missing people, missing funds, etc. There’s one very good security company called XYZ and the person to talk to there is ABC

I will give him a recommendation if necessary.

Good Luck,

Jane Raphaely (Director: Associated Magazines)





Received: 12.10.06 from Fisha Wellness Services

Hi Natalie!

Thanks for the report and the referral letter. Dr Fisha would like to know what you studied to have such a good knowledge of your work. We are also thinking of inviting you to come and train us. Well done girl. You are really using your gift well. Many people have such a gift but because they are lazy they are not using it. If this country can have people like you, it will be the most developed in the whole world. I wish you the best in life.

Thanks a lot.

NB: I would also like to have some tips from you on how to write an impressive report.






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