From Rachel Haskin

Strange as just this morning I was thinking of you Natalie. I was thinking it is so strange that you help such a lot of people and so many times people never get to meet the person who help them. You become the person behind the fence. But you do so much to change the lives of so many of us . When I think of how many times you have helped me and I really have to say a more loyal and compassionate person I have not yet come across. You do go beyond your line of duty and always ready for advice and assistance. And never once have u ever forgotten a promise you made. I am so grateful to have met you as this journey of mine you are really a Godsend to us.

Erica Swartz

You’re truly a pillar of strength for the sector.

Jabaar “JB” Media

Well done and u doing such a greatest work!!!

Jill Thomas

Natalie, you are a true disability champion. Thank you for all your efforts.


From Rachel Haskin (via Facebook)

Before 8 o clock the morning I contacted both Natalie Johnson from the Western Cape Network on Disability and I explained my situation.

I could not believe that this lady left what she was doing at that moment just to assist me. I could not believe the love and support I received and really treated me like a family member at that time.

Checking up on me as well as trying to find out what is the problem was with my Grant money. So early in the morning she stands like a soldier ready to help and assist in whichever way how or form.

Thank you Natalie I can never say thank you enough for what you did and what you meant to me yesterday.


The end of an e-mail received today . . .

Thanks for drawing this to our attention, and once again, I am sorry that this lapse in communication has prolonged inconvenience for the client.

Thank you for the work that you do as an advocate for people living with different abilities.

Kind regards

Dr ___________

Director: Southern Western Substructure

Metro Health Services

Dear Natalie,

Thinking about the qualities that I listed in your questionnaire (Tenacity, unsinkable, care about equality for women, never giving up, tenacious, unsinkable, has initiative) it struck me that you would make an extremely good detective doing the research and searching to find missing people, missing funds, etc. There’s one very good security company called XYZ and the person to talk to there is ABC

I will give him a recommendation if necessary.

Good Luck,

Jane Raphaely (Director: Associated Magazines)

Received: 12.10.06 from Fisha Wellness Services

Hi Natalie!

Thanks for the report and the referral letter. Dr Fisha would like to know what you studied to have such a good knowledge of your work. We are also thinking of inviting you to come and train us. Well done girl. You are really using your gift well. Many people have such a gift but because they are lazy they are not using it. If this country can have people like you, it will be the most developed in the whole world. I wish you the best in life.

Thanks a lot.

NB: I would also like to have some tips from you on how to write an impressive report.



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