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I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get rather annoyed with the way some marketers bombard me with their content marketing, many using the “Fire Hose Effect”.


We all know that a fire hose blasts a flame with a high powered surge of water, destroying anything in the way of the water stream or at least completely soaking anything in its pathway.


The Fire Hose Effect in marketing works very much the same and is how many marketers are targeting their prospects. They assume that once they have your attention they need to throw as much marketing material in your face as possible so they don’t lose you. With the Fire Hose Effect, the goal is to keep your attention while they have you.


For example: A prospect visits your website site where you flood them with calls to action. They can sign up for your free newsletter or free class, watch your video, connect with you on Facebook and Twitter etc. Now, let’s assume they choose one of these offers they’re then provided with more content than they know what to do with.


I’ve had situations where as soon as I sign up for the free newsletter, I’m given a link to a video series, a workbook, a book and a link to member only content – password protected (some of it time bound forcing me to respond within a given timeframe).


It’s too much all at once. I’m now feeling overwhelmed and you know what happens? Half the stuff I receive goes unopened and therefore unread. If I’m really interested in what you have to say, I will file it in a file called “unread” with the intention of reading it later when I have the time. I must warn you though, this file is growing daily and the likelihood of me ever getting to read what’s in it is getting slimmer by the day. So instead of taking action like you were expecting me to, your mail has gone unread.




Let me share three simple steps you can take to stop overwhelming me (your future prospect) with information overload.

  • One call to action – decide what you want me to do and then create one landing page that does everything in its power to motivate me to follow through.
  • Create one simple, powerful and valuable piece of information to enter into your sales funnel – free information is great and valuable information makes me see you as a credible resource I can turn to for help. Keep it simple and focus on quality over quantity.
  • Follow through – building a relationship with me (your future prospect) is the best way to move me forward in your sales funnel. Instead of overloading me with freebies and content, follow up to see how I’m doing with the information you provided. Ask me if I have any questions, ask if I’m ready to take the next step and tell me what that next step is.

Make things simple for me and for yourself.

Create a highly focused strategy that strives to offer specific information to interested people like me.

Then build relationships with people like me by providing superior quality information and a genuine interest in my progress.